Let’s defuse Christmas “baubles” with Compensa!

We defuse Christmas "baubles" with Compensa!

We help you reduce the number of distractions and responsibilities that stifle the joy of Christmas. We show you how to detect and defuse Christmas baubles so that the only baubles in December are the ones hanging on the tree. 

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the challenge

Oh, holy molly! The bauble is broken, the borsch is spilled, the presents are not bought!

Christmas, Christmas, and… the excess of everyday duties can make you crazy! Pre-holiday rush and pressure make us focus on… survival instead of what is really important.

the idea

we defuse Christmas "baubles"

Thinking of those who instead of defusing Christmas tree baubles prefer to focus on hanging them, we have prepared the Bombkorozbrajacz („Bauble Defuser”) – a comprehensive Christmas Survival Guide. 

we invited influencers

We invited four influencers-experts to help us defusebaubles“: from DIY (Justyna Kąkol, Githago Art), savoir vivre (Łukasz Kielban, Czas Gentlemanów), cooking (Edyta Kusińska, Madame Edith) and lifestyle mindfulness (Natalia Tur, Nishka). In a subsequent edition of Bombkorozbrajacz, we showed how to engage an extra pair of hands in holiday cooking. We were also taught how to pack gifts and prepare home decorations. And more importantly, how to take care of your mental health and balance – we helped to culturallysurvive” the more difficult moments at the Christmas table! 

We engaged community

Wish Generator, Pre-Christmas Contest, Post-Christmas Contestit was pretty intense 😉. And all this to defuse as many baubles as possible. Fans were also able to give something backboth to others and to themselves. The first Contest helped to find each other the best gifts, the second – to cope with the “bomb” of post-Christmas sluggishness. Add to that the Wish Generator, thanks to which nearly 1500 people overcame the emptiness in their heads to create disarming wishes for their near and far ones. 

Bombkorozbrajacz - the video


of the campaign

1 mln


37 k

engaged users


entries in contests


generated wishes

While the others just wished you a peaceful Christmas, we made sure it was a calm and joyful one!

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