Enjoy the little things with DHL Parcel

Discover the joy of unboxing with DHL Parcel

Package delivery is all about the positive excitement of unboxing. Gifts, gadgets and the joy of receiving them – these are the things that DHL Parcel delivers. In real life and on the brand’s Instagram profile.


social media DHL Parcel 2019

the challenge

you say “courier” – you think “where's my package?”

how to communicate in a very crisis-ridden industry in such a way as to engage and not antagonize? Most SM conversations about courier services focus on the dark side of their services. (We showed a bright one and linked it with DHL Parcel).

the idea

every package is the joy of opening

We decided to make #enjoysmallthings, the joy of opening and #unboxing a trend (with over 1 million mentions on Instagram) and the brand’s way of communication. We designed new key visuals and a platform that allowed us to tell stories about DHL Parcel’s products and services, and to place the brand in current contexts, including real-time marketing activities. Each post was unboxing fun, each unboxing was the pleasure of discovery and each discovery was a positive experience that built the DHL Parcel brand.

the result

on Instagram profile:

3 mln

campaign interactions



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