For those who don’t know yet

These are laptops for those who are seeking, chasing the ideal and have the courage to say "I don't know"

The world expects us to know, but needs us to seek. That’s why we’ve shown that Asus laptops with Intel Evo and Windows 11 are for people who are seeking and supports them in that pursuit. 

Intel 2022


A world in constant change requires hyper-flexibility, but society puts pressure to fall into a framework, to know, to be precise, to have answers to all questions. As many as 86 percent. “young adultsfeel pressure from their surroundings and the associated lack of self-confidence, 81 percent fear making a mistakemaking the wrong decision, 80 percent have no concept for their lives (source: “Young Adults 2022″ study)… 


It’s good that you don’t know yet, because the world doesn’t need those who know everything, only those who seek and are not afraid to say “I don’t know.” 

“I don’t know” is also courage. Where do you see yourself in five years? Do you already know how to solve the problem? What should the next line sound like? What should the slogan be? I don’t know. Yet. 

Failures? Sure they happen, but for us it’s just a way to discover approaches that don’t work. Stops on the way to the goal. 

what we did

We showed that “I don’t know” is power and fuel for searching and discovering – one’s place in life, the next breakthrough in science, the next masterpiece. Polish musician Krzysztof Zalewski became the ambassador of the “For those who don’t know yet” campaign. The axis of communication was a spot-manifesto with his participation. In addition, in a series of podcasts, Marcin Lukasik conducted 8 inspiring conversations with people who are not afraid to look and err, to be wrong and correct. People who are simply not afraid to say “I don’t know.” 

They were representatives of different worlds: Andrzej Dragan, Mariusz Szczygieł, Marcin Wicha, Artur Kurasiński, Krzysztof Adamek, Marcin Malec, Natalia Kusiak. Meanwhile, as part of the cooperation with Noizz, the series of interviews with influencers was accompanied by a contest in which everyone could share their life’s “I don’t know.” 

“Young manit’s not true that I’ve made 5000 failed attempts, but the fact is that so far I’ve discovered 5000 ways according to which it doesn’t work! Which makes me 5000 ways closer to the solution.”

Thomas Edison


The spot’s structure was inspired by Mary Schmich’s iconic article published in 1997 in the pages of the Chicago Tribune. The author served then-20-year-olds advice to help them find their way at the threshold of adulthood. 

The casket structure of the essay allowed her to break away from a mentoring tone. The advice stemming “only from her experience,” she closed with a deft buckle. It was the only sure thing she could advise them – the use of sunscreen. 


2 M+

total campaign reach

800 K+

listens and views of the podcast/videocast

400 K+

viewings of the spot-manifesto

25 %

increase in product sales

And remember to breathe!

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