New opening on MediaMarkt’s Instagram profile

We opened a shopping art gallery on MediaMarkt’s profile.

The Shopping Art Gallery created by Tytus De Zoo has become one of the most popular galleries on Polish Instagram.

the challenge

How to create communication that will stand out from the competition, will be able to advertise any product in MediaMarkt’s offer and will additionally engage the audience? This was the challenge our client set us.

the idea

a unique form adjusted to the medium

The basis of our idea was: “Buying cheap and buying good is a true art. Based on this, together with Tytus De Zoo, we decided to open the MediaMarkt Shopping Art Gallery – a place where viewers can really “shop with their eyes”.

the implementation

We started with a teaser, during which, Tytus visited different places where you can interact with art. The aim of the journey was to find inspirations for his own gallery that would showcase products available in MediaMarkt stores. We then began the countdown to the opening.

Each post was a new exhibit in the Shopping Art Gallery, because today’s electronics, devices and household appliances are also about design and beautiful appearance. We wanted to emphasize these qualities by using various exhibition formats in the gallery space. In this way, we created consistent and distinctive communication based on the visual aspect, which, after all, is crucial on Instagram.

the result

we created an unusual product gallery.




months of communication


posts published on the profile

Thanks to us, Tytus De Zoo was able to fulfill his dream of having his own gallery and MediaMarkt was able to present its assortment in a way that was unique on Polish Instagram.

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