With laptops from Intel and Microsoft, “That’s the way to live!”

“That’s the way to live!” with Microsoft & Intel laptops

How to find a definition of the “new normal” in our everyday pandemic life?

digital Intel&Microsoft 2020

the challenge

how to talk about PCs during the pandemic?

How do you change the perception of a PC from commodity to necessity during the pandemic, when potential customers are allergic to every pro-sales message?

the idea

“That’s the way to live!” with laptops from Intel and Microsoft

It is impossible to function without a laptop in the new normal. But, when you have one, “That’s the way to live!”.  As part of the campaign, we captured the everyday pandemic life of all of us. This showed how, despite the uncertainty, we kept searching for our definition of the new normal. How our apartments became offices, workout rooms, gaming rooms, classrooms… We showed how we have been adapting to the new normal – all made possible by personal computers: our windows to the world, connectors to our friends, our centers of entertainment, work and study. How can you function like this? That’s how. And, not only function, but “That’s the way to live!”.

idea, KV, spot, landing page and creations

In addition to the strategy and creative idea, as part of the “That’s the way to live!” campaign, we produced a video spot in three versions, shot using the master shot technique (a single shot without cuts), a landing page for retailers, display creations, social media creations and copy, POS materials for stores and a radio spot.

That’s the way to live, work, relax, play and learn!

the result

The campaign translated into a double-digit increase in sales.

The products selected for key marketing activations achieved record sales results. The universal nature of the message was also noticed outside Poland. The campaign was launched in 13 foreign markets. The online campaign, implemented by a media house, using our materials and content, exceeded the assumed KPIs in all measured indicators.

13 markets

number of markets in which the campaign based on the idea “That’s the way to live!” was implemented

Yeaaah, that’s the way to live!

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